Depression Treatment in urdu

Depression Treatment in urdu

Depression Treatment in urdu   batany sy pehlay is ki taref .Depression is a mental illness that directly connects with individual mood or emotional feelings. People seem to be like sad or having lack of interest in events and activities or tasks etc. continually their behavior becomes change and seems more emotional and sad. Depression Treatment in urdu

مردانہ کمزوری کے علاج کا مکمل کورس تفصیل کے لیئے یہاں کلک کریں

Regarding that different experts define it in different context, like MediLexicon’s explain it that depression is “a mental state or chronic mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, and self-reproach; accompanying signs include psychomotor retardation (or less frequently agitation), withdrawal from social contact, and vegetative states such as loss of appetite and insomnia”.

People got different form of depression that may vary from person to person due to certain reasons. Most common form of depression is;




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