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Kan (Ears) Kaisy Sunty Hain Video

Kan (Ears) Kaisy Sunty Hain Video Documentry

Allah pak ny hum sub ko aisee nematoon sy nawaza hy hum soch b nahin sakty.aaj main app ko btata hoon  Kan (Ears) Kaisy Sunty Hain . is ki video dekhata hoon.is video main app ko samjaya jai ga k kan k andar awaz kaisay jati hy aur kaisy kam saranjam deta hy.

Kan (Ears) Kaisy Sunty Hain Video

After bathing the baby usually do not clean the ear with cotton bud. Some mother are remember to take care but some mothers are ignore it. Clean the exterior with towel. To clean the internal parts of the ear is important. If taken daily routine it can be ear block. Sometimes may be ear flows and ear pain. When the ear is affected with eczema they feel itchy in ears. The people use to pens, pencils, or whatever is to find their way into the ear in desperate search for relief. Olive oil is very soothing and will soften the wax. Two drops into each ear, twice a day, is enough and the cheapest oil will do the job. The ear needs to be cleaned out by an ear specialist if the treatment’s to be effective. More detail read in following in Urdu.


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