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Sana Makki (Senna Leaves) Aur Tibb e Nabvi

Sana Makki (Senna Leaves) Aur Tibb e Nabvi

Sana Makki  is a miraculous remedial herb. It is used to cure constipation(QabZ), hemorrhoids and post-anal operations. It is considered best to eat either with honey or butter.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also used to take Senna leaves and it is a part of Tibb e Nabvi treatment. It is also used for weight loss (Wazn Kam karny) in some places.

Sana Makki (senna leaves) is a true miracle of my Allah’s creations & it is one of the valuable herbs of Tibb-e-Nabvi,
Ibraheem ibn e abi laila narrates that Rasululllah sallalalhu alaihi w sallam says necessarily use Sana and sanoot; because there is a cure in both of them from every disease except the “saam” some one asked ya Rasulalah what is saam? Replied that death! (Ibn e majah hadith no 3457)

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